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Prestashop Limit Order Quantity Nulled Module allows you to limit cart quantity so that customers can only order products in a specified quantity. Select minimum, maximum quantity and apply it to customer groups, categories, or specific products.


Prestashop Limit Order Quantity | Cart Quantity is the latest addon from FME Module. It gives the admin the option to limit the order quantity for customers. This is particularly useful in case you are offering some product in bulk quantity only or you have a B2B business. In wholesale business, this is also very useful as you do not need to entertain normal customer orders who usually only order one product at a time. Another useful case scenario is when you have some products in limited quantity and do not want a single user to order more than one or two products at a time thus allowing other users to also avail the item.

Prestashop maximum product quantity module has a very flexible rules-based design. Admin can create multiple rules with different criteria. Rules can be based on customer groups meaning limit criteria will only apply to those users who are from the selected customer groups. Similarly, you can apply rules to specific products or whole categories. Admin can also schedule any rule by entering the start and end date.


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