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Our module allows you to create custom HTML blocks, text and multimedia blocks using the WYSIWYG editor. Using 36 built-in hooks allows you to display blocks anywhere

What does this Prestashop static block module offer?

  • Create unlimited static blocks
  • Use WYSIWYG to create custom HTML, text and media blocks
  • 36 built-in hooks to display the block anywhere on a product, category, cart and other pages
  • Advanced conditions for choosing a category, products, basket, manufacturer and supplier
  • Create custom design templates for a static block using custom HTML and CSS.
  • Show block for all or specific customer groups
  • Creation of multiple static blocks and display on different products, categories and CMS pages

 Using the PrestaShop HTML Custom Blocks Module, you can create static HTML, text, news or banner blocks and place them in the footer, cart page, left and right columns of your store. PrestaShop Static Block Extension is beneficial for e-merchants by making it easy to post content of any format in a static block of a website. To keep the admin easy to store, they can use the MCE editor to add banners, text, videos, news, HTML, registrations to PrestaShop news blocks.