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This module automatically generates meta tags for all products on a PrestaShop website:
– Title
– Meta description
– Meta keywords
– Tags for products
It is a professional module that allows you to set the generation of tags

What this module means for youperson_add Improves the ranking (SEO) with all search engines- Automatic generation of meta tags and tags for your products
– Optimize the SEO of your website and quickly improve your SEO
– Easily edit the metas without opening any product page
– No need to be an SEO expert to get your tags right Create
– Create in seconds all the meta tags of your products
– Set your meta tags following SEO standards

What your customers will appreciateYour website will follow the SEO standards of search engines and thus be visible to customers.

installationGo to the Modules section and click ‘Add a new module then install the module and activate it’ load