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The MainWP WordPress Manager Dashboard Nulled plugin allows you to control unlimited WordPress sites from your own private self-hosted WordPress install.MainWP

The MainWP WordPress management system is a free and open source. The system is designed for WordPress professionals who realize that WordPress management for yourself or your clients is more than just plugin and theme updates.

And, just because it is free does not mean it’s not effective. MainWP allows you to control virtually all of your daily WordPress maintenance tasks at absolutely no cost.

MainWP Addons List

  • MainWP Pro v5.0.0
  • MainWP Pro Reports v5.0
  • MainWP Client Reports v4.0.14
  • MainWP Virusdie v4.0.1
  • MainWP Google Analytics v5.0
  • MainWP WP Compress v4.0.1
  • MainWP Rocket v5.0
  • MainWP Post Plus v5.0
  • MainWP Bulk Settings Manager v5.0
  • MainWP Team Control v5.0
  • MainWP Post Dripper v5.0
  • MainWP Piwik Matomo v5.0
  • MainWP Favorites v5.0
  • MainWP Maintenance v5.0
  • MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor v5.3
  • MainWP Clean and Lock v4.0.2
  • MainWP UpdraftPlus v5.0
  • MainWP Vulnerability Checker v4.1.6
  • MainWP Wordfence v5.0
  • MainWP Staging v5.0
  • MainWP Page Speed v4.0.3
  • MainWP Boilerplate v5.0
  • MainWP Article Uploader v5.0
  • MainWP WooCommerce Status v5.0.1
  • MainWP Comments v5.0
  • MainWP Lighthouse v5.0
  • MainWP Custom Dashboard v5.0
  • MainWP iThemes Security v5.0
  • MainWP WP Compress Coupon v4.0.1
  • MainWP Backup WordPress v4.0.6
  • MainWP Broken Links Checker v4.0
  • MainWP BackWPup v4.0.7
  • MainWP Buddy v5.0
  • MainWP Links Manager v2.1
  • MainWP Code Snippets v5.0
  • MainWP Spinner v4.0.1
  • MainWP Time Capsule v5.0
  • MainWP WooCommerce Shortcuts v4.1.1
  • MainWP WordPress SEO v5.0
  • MainWP Custom Post Types v5.0
  • MainWP Sucuri v4.1
  • MainWP URL Extractor v5.0
  • MainWP Clone v5.0
  • MainWP Domain Monitor v5.0.1
  • MainWP File Uploader v5.0
  • MainWP Favourites v4.0.12
  • MainWP Atarim v5.0.0
  • MainWP Dashboard Lock v5.0
  • MainWP White Label v5.0
  • MainWP SSL Monitor v5.0
  • MainWP Database Updater v5.0.0
  • MainWP Cache Control v5.0.0
  • MainWP API Backups BETA v4.0.0.6 BETA5
  • MainWP BlogVault v1.3
  • .0MainWP Jetpack Scan v5.0
  • MainWP Jetpack Protect v5.0
  • MainWP Pressable v5.0
  • MainWP Termageddon v2.2.1


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