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Note: Download Kadence Theme Latest Free Version from your WordPress Dashboard, then install Kadence Pro Addon (by using plugin manager not theme manager). Kadence theme will have Pro features.

While there are countless free themes out there, Kadence Nulled stands out as one of the best. Not only is it a lightweight theme that helps your site to load quickly, but it also offers far more design and customization features than you’ll find with most free themes. In fact, the customization capabilities are what truly make Kadence stand out.

What you will get?

  • Kadence Pro v1.0.14
  • Kadence Theme v1.1.46
  • Kadence Blocks Pro v2.0.17
  •   kadence-amp-1.0.23
  •   kadence-conversions-1.0.8
  •   Kadence Woo Extras v2.0.22
  •   kadence-WooCommerce SiteOrigin Builder-v1.1.8
  •   kadence-woocommerce-elementor-pro-1.1.7
  •   kadence-widget-dock-1.0.6
  •   kadence-slider-2.3.4
  • Kadence Simple Share v1.2.9
  •   kadence-related-content-1.0.10
  •   kadence-recaptcha-1.2.2
  •   kadence-reading-time-1.0.3
  •   kadence-pricing-table-1.0.10
  •   kadence-page-transitions-1.0.7
  •   kadence-galleries-1.2.6
  •   kadence-fullpane-slider-1.0.5
  •   kadence-custom-fonts-1.1.5
  •   kadence-cloud-1.0.5
  •   kadence-build-child-defaults-v1.0.7
  • Kadence Pro WordPress v1.1.4
  • Kadence bbPress Design / Support Forums v1.1.1 
  • kadence Virtue Bold Child Theme v1.0.2 


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