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JM Amp is a theme plugin for wbAMP extension which allows to generate Accelerated Mobile Pages of your Joomla website content. Thanks to AMP pages, your Joomla website will load almost instantly on mobile devices. The theme plugin provides many options to customize the fonts and colors of AMP pages to fit your needs.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source project started by Google which aims to create fast and high-performance websites across many platforms.

AMP pages are built with 3 core components: AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP Cache. Thanks to them AMP pages are loading almost instantly on mobile devices.

What is more, AMP pages are included in Google Search results. They appear in the ‘Top Stories’ section of Google Search as well as across the entire mobile search results page. According to Google’s statistics, AMP pages are loading in less than 1 second, and they consume 10 times less data than standard web pages. All this results in a huge increase of AMP project popularity.

More about AMP project you can read in our previous article and official documentation:

amp theme plugin for joomla

Who is AMP for?

According to Google, there are over 850 000 domains publishing AMP pages at this moment. Google AMP is most suitable for:

  • news articles
  • blog pages
  • recipe pages
  • product listings
  • product pages
  • classifieds listings
  • classified ad pages