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Create a full-screen page by using the official Elementor plugin for WordPress. Scroll snap like a boss!

The most complete WordPress plugin to create a full screen site

  • Powered by ElementorUse fullPage.js with one of the world’s leading WordPress page builders. Drag and drop features, visual design, pixel perfect, developer friendly, responsive etc.
  • Fully CustomizableCreating a fullpage site is much more than just having 100vh sections. With fullPage.js you have total control over more than 50 different configurations.
  • Fullscreen sectionsGo fullscreen! Impress your visitors with a ‘wow effect’. Use vertical and horizontal slides in full height and full width and scroll snap to each of them!
  • CompatibleFully compatible with all browsers, even IE 9! And working with any theme! Continue to use your favorite tools and enhance your site with the most popular scrolling effect!


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